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“LET GO” by Daytona Starsky

Dutch born and Nrooklyn adopted Artist, DAYTONA STARSKY is a 23 year old multi-instrumentalist and record- producer who’s musical influence is rooted primarily in Hip hop, with elements of psychedelic rock and electronica intertwined. His music is on the cutting edge of the New York hip hop scene. After releasing THE SPEAKER KNOCKING, psychedelic track 'SPACE BOY'.

Daytona Starsky landed noteworthy placements on playlists from spotify to apple music, as well as the music video being featured on THE VEVO front page. He quickly proved himself to be a creative powerhouse ready to explore the music cosmos. The upcoming release of his debut EP 'MOON' will merely be an introduction to Daytona Starsky's music. However, in just four tracks he is able to flaunt his musical and lyrical abilities hoping to keep listeners on the edge of their seats.


Let Go is Daytona Starsky's most pop forward song yet. With a sonic quality recalling the early Lenny Kravitz hits mixed with the dreamy/ synth-y Tame Impala sound, "Let Go" hits a unique groove with a sing-along chorus, catchy guitar lines, and a heartfelt performance. It's a track that you can dance to or close your eyes and escape through. These are two activities that seem to be much in need nowadays.

This track addresses the idea that falling in love with someone is capturing a moment in time and repeating it over and over "like a song stuck in your head". And that changing and growing means letting go of the comfort of the past and accepting the new, as hard as that may be.

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