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“LET ME GO” by NineTiss

Songwriter and performer, NineTiss oscillates between different musical styles

including Rap, R&B and Soul to best transmit its music and texts in all its forms. In a sometimes noisy time, when listening is rare, his music is seen as a walk with a soft tempo.

At a very young age, he went through different musical registers, Jazz, Funk, Soul, and many other major registers that led him to share his music in turn.

A soaring style, a strong voice is an open hearted musician who delivers himself through his universe. He returns on June 17, with his new single Let Me Go. In this single Nine Tiss evokes his desire for evosion on an atmospheric instrumental with trap/r&b sounds composed by He makes you feel the good vibes of summer as well as

the feeling of freedom during a trip.


After a harsh winter where melancholy, boredom and weariness were very present in his daily life, his passion for music reminded him that the light he needs was already in him. He was inspired by it to prepare his last title Let Me Go. NineTiss put everything for his work and I love it. Rhythmic rhythm and captivating voice. Let me go loads directly from the opening with all the energy and the finish is incredible. Let Me Go is available on all streaming platforms.

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