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“LEYENDA” by 2BAnnounced

Yaniv Marcovits and Gabriel Dov, hailing from Guatemala and Israel respectively, are collectively known as the talented DJ and producer duo "2BAnnounced" or "2BA." They have carved a prominent niche in the music scene, establishing themselves as skilled artists. Their latest track, titled "Leyenda," seamlessly blends acoustic guitar melodies with dark peak-time techno, meticulously crafted with a focus on festival vibes. The track embodies the essence of an urban legend from Guatemala known as El Sombreron.

"Leyenda" by 2BAnnounced serves as a vessel for conveying the tender and intimate emotions depicted within the song. It boasts a simplicity that is masterfully executed, radiating effortless beauty. The composition commences with an elegantly acoustic guitar riff, accompanied by a bass drum technique that is challenging to perfect but consistently impactful. This element creates a sense of proximity and authenticity. Subsequent layers of harmonies cascade, reintroducing a hint of tension and establishing a gratifying equilibrium.

This track is a timeless classic, enduring for valid reasons. Its enduring appeal is exemplified through artists like 2BAnnounced, and "Leyenda" compels listeners to sway and groove to its rhythm. The tempo itself sets the song apart, and the transitions are nothing short of epic. The journey it embarks upon keeps you enthralled, leading you through uncharted territory with an element of suspense that contributes to its greatness. The musical expedition continues to unfold throughout the core of the composition until its conclusion.

The release of "Leyenda" by 2BAnnounced is met with excitement and elation, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating more from this talented duo. Missing out on their music would be a regrettable oversight, as they are undoubtedly a band that demands attention. Experience the captivating allure of "Leyenda" by streaming it on all major platforms today!

Garcia Penned 🖊️


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