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Lucid Kidd Releases “TODAY AND TOMORROW”

Emerging from Lithuania one of the most exciting prospects may also be one of its youngest Lucid Kidd, earlier this year, released "G n T," the first single from his forthcoming project. "Gn T was promptly featured on Spotify's tear drop Playlist.

Now, Lucid Kidd has released the project's sophomore single "Today and Tomorrow," as well as its accompanying music video. "This song is about my perfect vision of love," shares Lucid Kidd. He also added "I would go to the end to fight for what and who I want and yearn for”. Such deep love without any problems, which makes it a kind of love impossible to attain. Though naive, maybe, he will continue believing and fighting for this love. In the song, He was really trying to capture the emotion of the pain from how true deep love hurts and makes you become selfless.

Today and Tomorrow- Cover Art

In the video for Today and Tomorrow, Lucid Kidd empowers his lover to leave her abusive and depressed father's grip, and take control of her life.

Born the day after Christmas in Lithuania, Lucid Kidd has been making his own music since he was 13. Trying his hand to no avail at producing, replicating simple beats, and rapping over his own beats, he eventually pulled out beats from YouTube and started creating songs. It wasn't long before he was creating three songs every day - recording, mixing, and experimenting all on his own.

LUCID KIDD Now, Lucid Kidd is primed to introduce his music to America and beyond. His soon-to-be-

released project boasts titles produced by Fast Life Beats (LouGotCash, Coi Leray, Perri Jones, Young Paris) and IKENNA FuNkEn (Kevin Gates), and collaborations with Corey Chorus (Rihanna, Keke Palmer, Estelle).

With any luck, we'll soon get to see Lucid Kidd perform live, which he has big plans for. In the

meantime, his new project, which is set for release later this summer, includes both "Today and Tomorrow" and "G n T." “I dun wana see you running out of breathe uohhh!!” awesome expression there. Stream today and tomorrow here! And on all major platforms.

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