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“MAKE ME SMILE” by The Pulltops

Hailing from Milwaukee, The Pulltops, a duo consisting of drummer Mark Pierret and guitarist Tom Crowell, bring forth a catchy blend of Indie Rock, Power Pop, and Album Rock. Their musical partnership blossomed from a shared passion for diverse record collections, fostering an immediate connection when they first collaborated in their initial band. "Make Me Smile" by The Pulltops emerges as a musical standout, marking their seventh single release this year. This latest creation seamlessly blends elements of Pop, Indie, and Singer/Songwriter genres, presenting a compelling fusion of delicate verses and an anthemic chorus. At its core, "Make Me Smile" stands as a tender love song that distills the complexity of affection into a simple, potent sentiment: "You remain the source of my joy."

The song unfolds as a dynamic journey, guiding listeners through a well-crafted composition that smoothly transitions from gentle verses to a monumental chorus, leaving an enduring impression. What distinguishes this single is the incorporation of acoustic guitar and strings, introducing an organic sound not explored in The Pulltops' earlier releases. This addition adds depth to the overall sonic landscape, signaling a sense of musical evolution and versatility. Make Me Smile" encapsulates the authenticity of a heartfelt love song, with lyrics resonating with sincerity.

The Pulltops exhibit a masterful navigation of their chosen genres, creating a sonic tapestry that is emotionally charged and musically intricate. The subtle verses draw the audience into the song's narrative, setting the stage for the grandeur of the epic chorus, transforming the track into an emotional rollercoaster. Being the seventh release in a prolific year for The Pulltops, "Make Me Smile" underscores their commitment to artistic exploration and growth. The incorporation of acoustic elements and strings showcases a readiness to experiment with their sound, ensuring their audience remains engaged and intrigued. With the anticipation of more releases in the pipeline, The Pulltops seem poised to continue their musical journey, delivering a captivating fusion of Pop, Indie, and Singer/Songwriter allure.

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