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“MAMASITA” by O’shua

Artist here with spotlight blog is o’shua. An American rapper/producer born in Detroit, Michigan. His artistic venture started when he was 8 years old when his uncle gave him his bass guitar. He remember he could barely hold it, but it piqued his interest. That led to his parents buying him his first guitar; a nylon stringed classical. He went on to study classical music and win multiple scholarships to attend the Flint institute of music in Michigan.

He didn't start writing his own music until his sophomore year of highschool, but he was always freestyling and singing whatever came to mind. Eventually he moved to Boston, where he spent more of his formative years collaborating and growing amongst other creators.


Moving forward, be toured around the US with a few of the friends he made in Boston that he ultimately ended up moving to Nashville with in 2018. The past few years of his experience writing, producing, and collaborating with the artists around him have consistently refined the unique aspects of his sound. Whether it’s subconscious or conscious, his musical identity has evolved from all the phases he’s gone through over the years as a listener with electronic, alternative, gospel, classical, and hip hop.

Mamasita” to be the current epitome of those phases, and the best reflection of his current identity, direction, and mood as an artist. Lyrics on genius “Mamasita” is his romanticization of love in Medellín, Colombia. Mamasita is his second single released on the January 7, 2022 with one previous release all summer and his latest track lemonade. It’s a whole mood. Rhythmic instrumentals and vocals on there. Rhymes and transitions on the go. It is what it i. Mamasita didn’t disappoint. Listen to mamasita here!

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