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“NEXT TO YOU (Dan De Leon Extreme Circuit Mix)” by Will Hutcheson

On the vibrant evening of September 29, 2023, music enthusiasts were immersed in the dynamic soundscape of the Dan De Leon Extreme Circuit Mix, a transformative remix of the electrifying electro pop anthem "Next to You" by the talented New York City singer-songwriter Will Hutcheson, who is proudly associated with Valiant Horizon. This remix isn't a mere adaptation; it unfolds as an immersive journey meticulously crafted by Dan De Leon, a rising star in the international circuit DJ and remixing scene, celebrated for his exceptional remix work. In this rendition, Dan assumes control, infusing "Next to You" with a captivating blend of circuit energy and pulsating tribal house beats.

A sonic odyssey materializes, designed to set dance floors ablaze during peak hours or infuse high-energy vibes into workout sessions. Dan De Leon's distinctive no-nonsense grooves and meticulous production seamlessly merge with Will Hutcheson's romantic lyrics and endearing vocals, establishing a symbiotic fusion where daring electronica meets sophisticated dance pop flair. This remix not only amplifies the charm of the original but propels it to new heights of intensity and excitement. The Dan De Leon Circuit Mix of "Next to You" elevates the original upbeat track to new levels of excitement. With pulsating beats and dynamic synths, it generates an infectious energy tailor-made for the dance floor. De Leon's exceptional production skills are evident, providing a high-octane experience that sustains its momentum. This remix effectively enhances the positive vibes and soothing vocals from Will off the original, making it essential for fans of lively electronic music. Upon the initial listen, you'll find yourself captivated and hitting repeat, unveiling the enchanting essence within the beat. It's the type of song that induces a smile with each play. Dan De Leon makes a stellar touch with Will Hutcheson's "Next to You," a universally enjoyable tune. Its upbeat tone encourages dancing, yet beneath lies an unstoppable beat that sparks contemplation. Anticipate more hits from Will Hutcheson; keep an eye out and crank up the mix.

Dan De Leon's prominence in the dance music scene takes center stage in this remix, showcasing his expertise as an international circuit DJ and remixer extraordinaire. The collaboration breathes renewed vitality into Will Hutcheson's "Next to You," transforming it into a mesmerizing musical spectacle that captivates audiences with its infectious energy and intricately layered composition. Listeners are urged to immerse themselves in this polished and invigorating rendition—an invitation to celebrate the dynamic creativity flourishing at the crossroads of Dan De Leon's remix magic and Will Hutcheson's original artistry.

The Dan De Leon Extreme Circuit Mix of "Next to You" stands as a testament to the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music, providing a glimpse into the harmonious synergy between emerging talents and established artists. It unfolds as an exciting chapter in the ongoing narrative of music evolution, inviting audiences to partake in the magic of remix culture and witness the transformative power it imparts to beloved tracks.

Garcia Penned 🖊️


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