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“PICK EM UP, PUT EM DOWN” by Keith Monacchio

2022 marks the 30th year of Keith Monacchio’s musical journey. Starting in the nineties with The Semibeings (Shimmydisc & C/Z Records) through the 2000’s with The Commons. He embarked on a solo career in 2008 and released his first proper solo album, The Long Evening, in 2010. He followed that up with 2012’s Tips, Drinks and Gas Money ep. His last long player was in 2016 with the release of, The Dust-Up.

Under a Nightlight Sky is a welcome return after a 6-year absence from releasing new music. These ten-songs focus on trying to find positivity, light and faith that the days to come will be better than those of the recent past. Under a Nightlight Sky, at its core, is a search for solace. Keith has a voice that is both stunning and reassuring; expertly delivering thought-provoking lyrics around these master class.


"Pick Em Up, Put Em Down" is a song from his new record, Under a Nightlight Sky. It was actually the last song written for the record. Written during the really uncertain, scary days of the pandemic, when we were all just struggling to cope. Pulling yourself out of bed every morning was a struggle. He needed something positive. Something that could push him to go forward. It would have been to easy to write something with doom and gloom. We were surrounded by it. He needed hope, faith and light at the end of the tunnel. Not sure if he achieved it with this song? It made his 8 year old son smile. So, in his mind, mission accomplished!

With its atmospheric melody and operatic euphonies, it’s a truly redolent listen as there are no dull moments on every single track. Pick em up, put em down invokes a true sense of step change, capturing Keith moving into the spotlight with purpose and confirming himself to be an artist ready to embrace newfound opportunities.Listen to under a nightlight sky here!

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