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“SIGNS” by Nickon Faith

The captivating 5-track EP "Signs" by UK artist Nickon Faith, released on Mess Express records under the guidance of Richie Blacker, offers listeners a mesmerizing trance experience. Showcasing a diverse range of sounds and styles within trance and breakbeat, this EP seamlessly blends danceability with profound emotional depth. The journey begins with the opening single, "Signs," where otherworldly and lively trance melodies combine with the soulful vocals of Manchester's emerging talent, Axelle. This collaboration sets a captivating tone, fusing uplifting vibes and intricate vocal arrangements that resonate throughout the EP.

The second track, "Love," continues the emotional wave with dynamic trance, featuring lively breakbeats and a dreamy, nostalgic soundscape. Vocal cuts and gentle acid synths add a catchy layer to the intricate sonic tapestry, keeping the energy alive.

Shifting the EP's direction, the third track, "Nothing State," introduces a faster and groovier rhythm, injecting a dynamic shift that adds depth to the overall journey. The exploration of diverse beats keeps the listener engaged and anticipating each twist in the musical narrative.

The EP takes a breather with "Fragments," toning down the pace while maintaining emotional intensity. The unique trilled melodies and breakbeat journey create a distinct sonic experience, showcasing Nickon Faith's ability to craft intricate musical landscapes.

The EP concludes with "Forever (I want You)," ramping up the excitement with a powerful surge of trance euphoria. The track builds towards an exhilarating finish, leaving listeners on a high note. Nevertheless, Nickon plays a crucial role in grounding the stylistic elements, as "Signals" ventures into an entirely different realm. Even in his most conventional moments, like the closing track, Nickon's synthesized vocals and dense industrial sounds remain hard to overlook. The vibrant colors evoked in the music establish a potent and emotionally resonant atmosphere, making it challenging to transition to the concluding song. Moreover, the final piece is delivered with infectious energy and exceptional finesse, showcasing Nickon's recording prowess.

The clarity and resonance of the instruments are remarkable, with a beautiful balance that adds to the overall sonic experience. The exceptional notes pay homage to a profound sense of artistic prowess, elevating the entire musical composition. "Signs" EP is a delightful treat for enthusiasts of emotional trance sounds, progressive melodies, dynamic rhythms, and those seeking special dancefloor moments. It stands as a testament to Nickon Faith's artistry and the transformative power of electronic music.

Garcia Penned 🖊️


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