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“SMASH” by Arn-Identified Flying Objects And Alien Friends

Arn-Identified Flying Objects Alien Friend, who emerged from the Swedish band Redmoon, launched their solo project in the summer of 2020. Their latest single, which is lucid, vibrant, and polished, has hit the shelves like a shock, signaling a further masterpiece from the band's previous work.

Amidst these uncertain times, a music enthusiast has published a new pamphlet expressing their belief in the unifying power of a universal groove. The pamphlet celebrates the seamless fusion of electro disco soundscapes, realistic swing, and captivating beats and melodies, which come together in an awe-inspiring manner.

There's something oddly captivating about this song that makes you want to dance. It's both groovy and moody, providing an opportunity to shake your hips while shedding a tear or two. It's an electrifying track that's sure to find a place on your daily playlist, with a universal appeal that's hard to resist. The singer's subtle vocals and thoughtful delivery drew me in, and the band's impressive songwriting and lush instrumentation put them in the same league as other talented troubadours. This is a standout release that's not to be missed.

The band showcases their captivating musical prowess in their track. The vocals are delivered with a sense of introspection and intimacy that draws the listener in completely. As I continue to groove to the beat, it's clear that this track has universal appeal. Smash is a name to watch out for, as they're sure to become a household name in no time. Their music is simply irresistible, so don't miss out on what they have to offer.

Garcia Penned 🖊️


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