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“STANDING STILL” by Ethan Senger

Atlanta-based musician Ethan Senger, a talented third-generation guitarist, has recently released the captivating title track "Standing Still" from his upcoming EP of the same name. With a deep-rooted passion for the instrument since the age of seven, Ethan's musical journey has led him to create a remarkable sound that incorporates addictive and unique musical elements.

Senger’s sophomore EP, Standing Still, explores the oft relatable themes of unresolved emotional wounds from childhood, as well as feigned indierence and the games people play when it comes to cultivating meaningful relationships, and also stagnancy due to fear of failure coupled with the ever increasing worldly distractions of his always-plugged-in generation.

An inviting electric guitar is prominently featured as the track uncorked, setting the stage for Ethan's soulful and captivating vocals. The infectious melodies immediately draw in the listener, creating an immersive experience. As the song "Standing Still" unfolds, a combination of layered vocals, intricate instrumental arrangements, and a steady beat converge to form a lively and immersive sonic backdrop. The lyrics, which are relatable and full of surprises, strike a personal chord with the listeners.

We are of high assurance that "Standing Still" will not only please Ethan Senger's current fan base, but also captivate a wide range of new fans. Every aspect of the intricate instrumental arrangements possesses its own unique essence, radiating brightly throughout the song. Ethan's talent as an artist is truly remarkable, and he is undoubtedly making a significant impact on the pop genre.

In this intelligently composed track, the production skillfully allows the quality songwriting to shine through. "Standing Still" is a must-add to your new music playlist this week, as it showcases Ethan Senger's exceptional artistry and leaves a lasting impression on listeners.

Garcia Penned 🖊️


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