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“STAY AWAY” by Kid Prexy

Kid Prexy is a talented powerhouse who is making a name for himself in contemporary Pop, Hip-Hop, Alternative, and Acoustic music. Born in Baltimore, Maryland, the 14-year-old prodigy grew up and lives in Edmond, Oklahoma. Kid Prexy has been playing guitar, drums and singing in the School of Rock band since he was 8 years old and has performed many live concerts in different music genres such as alternative, pop, rock, punk, grunge & blues.

The promising artist recorded his first EP, "Broken Promises" in June 2021 at 13 years old at 33rd Street Studio in Edmond, exuding an emo Rap and smooth melancholic style, inspired by the likes of Juice Wrld, Post Malone, Xxxtentacion, Kid Laroi, Lil Peep & Machine Gun Kelly.


Spotted song here is "Stay Away", which was the bonus track to his debut EP: Broken Promises. He wrote this song to help people overcome the pain and sadness of going through a breakup. "Stay Away" is his most popular song to date.

Prexy meets us at the opening of the track with gentle guitar lines and appealingly clear, fluid vocals. Stirred by the quality and clarity of the vocal work and transparent, emotionally honest lyrics, the song expands and evolves with subdued yet compelling percussion beats, the texture of layered guitars, and eventually the welcome flight into the sweet fullness of gorgeous vocal harmonies. “You say you wanna stay away but I ain’t get no time, all I do is right” the trained ear and musical prowess of Prexy combines with the vulnerability of his lyricism to create a truly beautiful experience. Listen to stay away here!

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