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“SWEET ABYSS (What If I Need You)” by Peter Lake

Another USA gem, pop, singer singer-songwriter Peter Lake works his mesmerizing magic in his newest release Sweet Abyss(what if I like you). I found myself captivated by the crafted score. Lake continues to take the industry by storm, without even saying who he is. One of the world's only anonymous singer-songwriters strikes again. His popularity is reflected in his millions of YouTube and Spotify streams alone. Yet to say this whole situation is strange would be an understatement. How has an artist come this far, and achieved this level of success, with almost no public footprint, aside from his Instagram.

This is a song that describes how his soul was amputated. The great love of his life's soul, and his soul, had become one. One soul one light. Lake really believe this. But a sickness developed. Much like an arm or a leg sometimes needs to be cut from the body to save the body, our souls had to be cut in two to save this person, his fiery friend. She needed to be saved. He tried everything else to save her. Since this happened his world was blank. It felt as though he was falling into an abyss. He was not dead but he was not alive.


In the end, falling into the abyss was needed. His soul had to be cut right through. What can make the abyss a "sweet abyss"? Because over time things get a bit better. At night he is sad and lonely But then the sun rises and there's a bit of hope. This continues day after day. The healing is never complete, but you learn to endure, and the light comes a little closer, until one day a total surprise happens: you have a moment of sweetness. There is sweetness on the other side of the abyss. It's fleeting and small. But it's a start. And he keeps moving. Lake keeps making music and living. He will never heal, but he is still alive, even though my soul was cut away from its other half. The sweetness will grow even if the pain stavs. 3 minutes long, this song reels much shorter as the energy of the track flies through the structure.

The mix is well balanced, with plenty of space given to the vocals without detracting from the sheer volume of the instrumentation. Listen to Sweet Abyss here!

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