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“TBH IDK” by Elyse Jewel

Elyse Jewel is breaking the 4th wall when it comes to mental health. As a lifelong performer and a notably kind, playful personality she is out to change the world of Pop stardom by promoting healthy mental practices and leading authentic conversations through her songs.

Jewel, who leads the maturing generation of Swifties, takes heart when writing about young love, heartbreak, and dusting oneself off. "My songwriting process feels like a therapy session a lot of times," she says of sharing authentic storytelling. "I want my music to resonate with people and for those who hear it to think, "Hey that's how I feel' or 'I've been in that situation." Elyse Jewel isn't all bubblegum, though.

Her new tracks are packed with clever quips and gritty guitar licks as if to follow a warm hug with a jolting push to the ground. In her pre-EP single, "TBH IDK", Jewel sings about her love interest being sweet one minute and sour the next leaving her with nothing but a song to sing to which she claps back, "I can't be your therapist" Despite her lyrical jabs Jewel's social media is glittered with encouraging notes to followers and "How are

you?" captions.


The threads of comments are full of heartfelt responses to anyone sharing a struggle or a Dear Diary, a 6-song visual album set to release late Summer 2022, is the artist's debut showcase of her ability to craft, and execute, a complete vision. Accompanied by a visual component with each song, the nearly 18-year-old faces heavy emotions head-on, taking listeners through the familiar process of feeling butterflies for someone new, to discovering they aren't who they projected themselves to be, and coming to terms with what we tend to allow people to get away with for the sake of companionship and cute social media pics.

2019, Elyse sheds light on the feelings we've all encountered with the goal of helping people to feel less alone. "It's important that I create a safe space with every listener,"says Jewel. This and many more to come. Hold on to your gun! listen to TO BE HONEST, I DON‘T KNOW here!

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