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“THIS IS WHY” by Tucker Nichol

Hailing from USA is an R&B Artist Tucker Nichol. She believes that life is too short to navigate the pain and the drama that the people closest to you may cause. Ready to change the stigma around mental health, Tucker's strong and confident attitude is unmistakably infectious. Previously crowned Miss Tennessee USA, Tucker shifts her energy from an illustrious pageant career to a grounded and ambitious effort as a beloved recording artist.

Not afraid to tell the truth, Tucker writes through a trauma-informed lens that is sure to resonate with fans who may have experienced a similar struggle. Tucker's work has received high praises from popular publications such as This is RB, Singersroom, Celebmix and many more.

With a stylistic shift in mood, R&B artist Tucker Nichol introduces the third single "This is Why" off of her upcoming album "Too Close to Home". Inspired by some of the genre's most recognizable legends. This is Why presents a tongue and cheek take on manipulative strategies meant to make Tucker feel like she is in the wrong. Off the heels of her last single "Over the Edge", where she opened up about the emotional abuse she had encountered in a non- romantic relationship,


This is Why lets people know why she's chosen to distance herself from toxic situations. When the manipulator "plays dumb" or acts confused about why the person they're abusing no longer wishes to speak to them, Tucker recognizes this as just another form of manipulation meant to make her

question her gut instincts. The situation is heavy but the music lifts things up and delivers a message meant to share her experiences in a transparent and refreshingly authentic way.

While "This is Why" delivers a classic R&B feel, Tucker seamlessly introduces a modern flair inspired by some of today's biggest artists. Influences include musicians who have created timeless classics like Drake, Mariah Carey, Brandy, Prince and Michael Jackson. Solidifying her space in rhythm and blues, Tucker continues to pump out hit after hit while staying true to the heart-on- sleeve storytelling that her fans have grown to know

and love.

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