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“WARFARE” by Muncy

Muncy is a music Artist from USA. A clean addict living in the solution. Music has always been an outlet for his thoughts, ideas and emotions. He believes in the power of connecting with you on a personal level. From the depths of his soul, he channels energy through words and sounds and that does for him what nothing else can.

Muncy has his 10 song album rhythm & Raw Rhymes out on all major platforms on the April 22, 2022. Since then its doing tye most on these platforms. Warfare is one of the tracks on this album is it’s been spotted here on Spotlight blog.


This song is a revolutionary, forward thinking, aggressive rap song. Rapid flows and superior wordplay. Unapologetic energy conveying feelings of being "On the brink" and the lyrics shine across every song. I'll be looking forward to seeing them join us (BlogNet) again. Listen to Warfare and full Rhythm & Raw Rhymes album here!

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album link

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