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“WE ARE THE PROMISE” by Kelsie Kimberlin

Kelsie Kimberlin, the celebrated American-Ukrainian singer, has presented a formidable anthem through her striking song and video, "We Are The Promise." The storyline centers on ordinary citizens courageously confronting authoritarianism, and the cinematic flair introduced by Ukrainian composer and film director Sergiy Krutsenko enhances the overall experience. Filmed at notable locations like a former Soviet prison and a centuries-old castle in Ukraine, the video harmonizes with the orchestral score performed by the Kyiv Radio Symphony Orchestra.

The collaboration between Kelsie Kimberlin and Sergiy Krutsenko transcends the traditional music video, evolving the song into a full-fledged cinematic endeavor, crafting both a visual and auditory masterpiece. "We Are The Promise" not only metaphorically depicts the actions of authoritarian regimes on a global scale but also serves as a poignant commentary on unfolding events in nations like Russia, Afghanistan, and Iran.

The video illustrates individuals with a moral conscience bravely standing against autocrats aiming to stifle dissent. While the song's lyrics act as a rallying cry for Ukraine, its chorus echoes as a powerful anthem for any color revolution worldwide, proclaiming, "We are the Promise, We are the Glory, We are the Story." Launched in honor of Sergiy's death anniversary, Kelsie dedicates the video to him and all individuals actively championing freedom and democracy, particularly in Ukraine.

The involvement of Ukrainian actor Oleksandr Zhukovin, portraying the dictator in the video, adds layers of complexity to the narrative. Despite embodying the antagonist, Zhukovin serves in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, courageously battling on the front lines in one of the country's most perilous regions. "We Are The Promise" emerges as a symbol of resilience, unwavering commitment, and a compelling call for unity against authoritarianism, transcending its musical and visual components to resonate profoundly.

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