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“WHAT YOU LEFT THERE” by Prints of Monaco

Prints of Monaco is a four piece NYC based indie rock band led by Oliver. A self-described writer of sadboysongs, his writing style strives for poignancy and catharsis. Prints of Monaco miyes synths, pedal steel, guitars, and other sounds in this pursuit. They’ve played all around NYC, including Rockwood Music Hall, Cymon Everybody, and City Vineyard, but are mainly focused on recording more this summer.

They’ve got roughly an album’s worth of singles slated for release in 2022, including “What You Left There“, a stripped down Elliott Smith-esque song. Their other recent releases “New Waya” and “Petals Are Falling” were applauded by reviewers, fitting a similar indie-folk vibe.


What you left there“ is the fourth and latest single from Prints of Monaco released on May 27, 2022. It really sounds and feels like that. It’s simple and inviting with warm, acoustic guitars dipping into some heavier edges at times, and then pulling back into softer, more vulnerable spaces. The song keeps moving and changing in its progressions. I really do feel like I’m following a stream of memories, turning into new corners with the changing guitar expressions or percussion choices. Moreover it’s the vocal work, though, that really gives the song a sense of nostalgia in what you left there. I know you’re curious to know what actually was left there. Listen to Prints of Monaco’s “what you left there” and quench your curious hunger.

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