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The Project, a vibrant band emerging from the Cali-rock scene, spearheaded by the accomplished James Davis, former lead guitarist of Shameless during the 00s, unveils a dynamic glimpse into their musical finesse with the latest single, "Whats Going to Take." This track serves as the third release from their highly anticipated album, "Best Days," set for an early 2024 launch. Promising a non-stop feel-good experience, the album navigates the realms of classic hard rock and pop rock, offering a universally appealing sound that invites listeners to rock out.

In their collaboration on "Whats Going to Take," The Project introduces a fresh voice to their repertoire by featuring the talented up-and-coming artist Mykele Hill. At just 23 years old, Hill brings a unique perspective to the song, having started her songwriting journey at 17 as a means to navigate through the darkest moments of her life. Her music, reflecting an optimism for the human experience, adds an emotionally resonant layer to the track.

Mykele Hill's collaboration with The Project is a departure from her previous works, delving into a heavier musical landscape. The blend of the band's signature style with Hill's vocals creates a captivating synergy, offering a dynamic listening experience. Hill herself acknowledges the success of this fusion, expressing how well the two styles complement each other in this electrifying single.

As a tantalizing teaser for the forthcoming album, "Whats Going to Take" sets the stage for 'Best Days,' presenting a harmonious blend of classic hard rock and pop rock. The Project's commitment to a non-stop feel-good ride becomes evident, promising a musical journey that transcends genres and captivates a broad audience. With James Davis at the helm and Mykele Hill adding her distinctive touch, The Project's upcoming release holds the promise of delivering a memorable and diverse sonic experience.

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