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PIB is a French producer (and animal lover), is also knownas the founder of the Pet Alert network, which has helped over 2,5 million families find their lost dogs and cats in the

last decade. He wishes to share his musical compositions with the broader public, deriving inspiration from his daily life spent between the suns of Barcelona and Ibiza. PIB is donating most of his streaming royalties to charities that support dogs and cats and just sent a truck full of 22t of kibbles to pet shelters in Ukraine.

Music, according to the French artist, must elicit feelings. PIB's musical tastes range from electro House to pop to reggaetón, all of which are very popular nowadays in the Iberian Peninsula.

Where has the love gone is PIB’s latest single releasd on June 17, 2022. He continues to show he is not bound by time and any circumstance so he takes on a new complexion. With his numerous performance on most streaming platforms yet PIB still delivers. This track composed of well shaped melodies along a driving instrumentals. This is awesome. Deep lyrics and pitch range vocals. Love the jamming nature as well. Listen to where has the love gone on all major music platforms!

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