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Indie rocker Eddie Cohn, with a longstanding presence in the music scene, stands as proof that Los Angeles harbors undiscovered angels and untapped creative talent, even if they originate from places like Cleveland. Eddie's journey into the arts ignited at the age of three, unveiling his innate talent and deep passion for music. In Eddie Cohn's "Who or What I Was Before," a masterful creation from the grunge era, he seamlessly melds acoustic guitar, synths, piano, and percussion into an enchanting musical canvas.

The composition not only showcases Cohn's musical expertise but also offers a rich, multidimensional experience that embodies the essence of 90s grunge. Exploring the theme of personal transformation, the song delves deep into the profound question of whether significant life events can reshape our core identities. Cohn's lyrical exploration suggests the inherent ability to redefine oneself, prompting reflective contemplation on identity and how pivotal milestones may alter our perspectives. The American artist presents a rich, moody cadence that invites the listener into his realm. Enhanced by a blend of dynamics and intricate production aesthetics, the song offers a captivating experience that is sure to transport the listener. Featuring groovy and enchanting instrumentation with vocals gently hovering above, the sound is laid-back yet carries enough beat to ensure an engaging track. The composition exhibits a rhythmic ebb and flow, aligning with a message that resonates profoundly. Eddie succinctly encapsulates the essence of the track in a few words.

The acoustic guitar establishes a poignant atmosphere, complemented by synths and piano that enhance the composition's atmospheric depth. The interplay of these elements constructs a sonic landscape mirroring the intricate nature of the song's existential theme. Percussion elements contribute depth and momentum, guiding the listener through the introspective journey envisioned by Cohn. "Who or What I Was Before" not only serves as a testament to the enduring significance of grunge music but also captures the unfiltered emotion and introspection characteristic of the genre. Eddie Cohn's skillful fusion of diverse musical elements, coupled with his exploration of profound philosophical questions, solidifies this song as a timeless gem within the 90s grunge repertoire.

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