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“WINE IT” by Daytes

London-based rapper Daytes introduces a distinct fusion of 90s smoothness and versatile lyrical prowess to the music realm. Drawing inspiration from esteemed US hip-hop icons such as A Boogie wit a Hoodie, Fabolous, and YG, Daytes made his emergence in 2020, utilizing rap as a conduit for surfacing emotions and enveloping listeners in the embrace of his music. Driven by an innate desire to amplify concealed sentiments and construct a sonic refuge, Daytes remains self-funded, independent, and consistently dedicated.

In his latest single, "Wine it," Daytes extends an invitation to an expansive auditory realm. This composition aims to inspire to have fun and remember that, you do not have to be serious all the time. It is interwoven with vibrant, luminous melodies and a throbbing bassline. The addition of warm percussion and fluidly textured vocal harmonies is perfectly timed and precisely measured, enhancing the overall experience. "Wine it" aspired to entice listeners onto the dance floor, delivering exhilarating thrills from beginning to end. However, it also stands as a meticulously crafted creation by an artist who demonstrates an ability to transcend the constraints of space, time, and genre. Daytes possesses a captivating and comforting voice, skillfully delivering lyrics that provoke contemplation and elevate this piece to a masterful level.

Daytes' remarkable melodies have provided solace to the masses, delivering yet another stellar performance that is bound to leave a lasting impact. The song exudes a captivating and compelling essence, with the lyrics and Daytes' vocal delivery evoking introspection and inward contemplation. The result is an organic and seamless fusion of body and soul, a connection that takes place almost imperceptibly.

The rhythmic cadence of the lyrics carries an oddly comforting yet invigorating quality. This track possesses the ability to permeate your being, carrying the weight of your thoughts along with it. It's undeniably captivating. Immerse yourself in the enchanting sounds of "Wine it" and experience the enriching depth it offers to the human spirit.

Garcia Penned 🖊️


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