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“WORKMAN BENJAMIN EVEN ZUR” by Reggie Workman Alon Benjamini Asaf Even Zur

"Workman Benjamini Even Zur" by the band of the same name is a musical revelation that has been years in the making, finally gracing the shelves in March 2024 as their debut album. Despite its recent release, the album has already begun to make waves in the music world, and it's not hard to understand why. From the moment you hit play on "Workman Benjamini Even Zur," you're drawn into a sonic journey that defies expectations and transcends genres. Behind the unassuming title lies a musical tapestry that is anything but ordinary. Workman Benjamini Even Zur has crafted an album that is rich, melodic, and dynamically engaging, standing out as one of the most musically provocative releases of the year. Each track is a testament to the band's creative prowess and musical virtuosity, offering listeners a glimpse into the vibrant musical landscape of Brooklyn.

Their latest album beckons listeners into an expansive realm, offering a serene journey akin to a tranquil mindfulness experience. Imbued with gentle percussion, guitar, and trumpet lines delicately interwoven, the album creates a fluid and textured tapestry that unfolds with perfect timing and measure. Through their delivery, the band invites introspection and inner reflection, seamlessly drawing the body into alignment with the soul in a natural and effortless manner, often imperceptible until one finds oneself fully immersed. Opening with "Is That So," the album sets a deliberate pace, enveloping listeners in its slow, melodic embrace. The soothing tones of the trumpet resonate deeply, providing a cathartic release for pent-up emotions. This evocative atmosphere permeates throughout the album, guiding listeners through a transformative journey that culminates with the poignant conclusion of "Redmond."

The album serves as a celebration of legacy, friendship, and motion, blending original improvised pieces with expertly crafted arrangements from jazz luminaries like Duke Pearson, Gary Bartz, and John Coltrane. At its heart is the unique bond shared among the musicians, highlighted by the presence of NEA Jazz Master, Bassist Reginald 'Reggie' Workman, whose storied career includes collaborations with legendary jazz groups. "Workman Benjamini Even Zur" is more than just an album; it's a testament to the power of music to forge connections and evoke emotion. With its intricate compositions, virtuosic performances, and undeniable chemistry, the album showcases the band's ability to push boundaries and challenge conventions. Whether you're a jazz aficionado or a casual listener, this album is a must-listen, offering a captivating glimpse into the boundless creativity of Workman Benjamini Even Zur.

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