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“CHOOSE LOVE - Droids On Acid” by Ramleak

Ramleak is a techno collective consisting of Chris Miranda, Corbin Dooley, and Nick Portman. Renowned for their innovative approach to music, they infuse their compositions with a powerful energy that has garnered them a global following. Their music is characterized by a dark and visceral sound, complemented by visually striking and synchronized elements that provide a glimmer of hope in an otherwise dystopian landscape.

CHOOSE LOVE - Droids On Acid" by Ramleak based on its musical elements and composition. An energetic and upbeat track that features a driving beat, catchy melodies, and powerful vocals. The track's production is clean and polished, with each instrument and element carefully balanced to create a cohesive and engaging sound.

The use of electronic elements, such as synths and drum machines, gives the track a modern and futuristic vibe that is both retro and contemporary. The vocal performance is strong and dynamic, with the vocalist delivering the theme with passion and conviction. The production is particularly great, with its simple yet effective message of "choose love" resonating with listeners and adding a sense of positivity and hope to the track. The instrumental sections are also well-crafted, with the use of different textures and sounds adding depth and interest to the overall composition.

The message and meaning of the song are integral to the whole experience. The track's upbeat energy and positive message make it a great addition to any dance or electronic music playlist. Listen to the tune of the moment CHOOSE LOVE - Droids On Acid and fall in love with Ramleak on all major platforms!

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